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Insanely Dedicated Pay Per Click Management

If you spend or plan to spend money advertising with Google AdWords and Bing Ads, my full-service PPC management service may be just the right fit for you! I love helping my clients reduce wasted spend and increase return-on-investment.

No Junior-Level Account Managers

no-junior-ppclUnlike so many big PPC agencies, when you hire me, you don’t get a junior PPC manager working on your account. When you hire Adler Marketing you get me. I personally manage your account and never outsource your campaigns. Never.

Now you may be concerned that I don’t have the resources to nurture your campaigns correctly. Maybe you’re wondering if I’ll have the time to focus on your account. Rest 100% assured and put these thoughts out of your mind. I love PPC marketing. I eat, sleep, drink, and breathe pay-per-click advertising. I will put more time and dedication into making your PPC campaigns successful than you can imagine. You’ll see this each month in the reports I send to you.

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Free 30-Day PPC Management Trial

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There’s only one way to find out if someone can do what they claim and that’s for them to do it. This is why I Free PPC Trialprovide a free 30-day trial of my full PPC management services. This is not some watered-down version of my pay-per-click services. I dedicate as much effort to your account during this trial as I do with any other account.

Why I Don’t Just Do a Free AdWords Account Review

Nearly every PPC agency offers a free AdWords account review in which they analyze your account and provide a critique as well as recommendations for improvement. There is value in a good review, especially if obvious opportunities and inefficiencies are uncovered.

However, famous film critics rarely direct great films and respected art critics seldom create masterpieces of art. My point here is simple. It’s easy to review and provide feedback on a PPC campaign, but it doesn’t mean that the person providing the critique can actually deliver a better end result. The best way for me to prove I can improve your PPC advertising is to do it. Of course, I do provide an account review also, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Starting your free PPC trial is easy and usually only takes a day or two. Once the trial is over, we’ll review our progress together and you can decide if you want to continue on a month-to-month basis. There is no obligation in any way and if you don’t feel I’ve brought value to your PPC marketing efforts then we part as friends. No harm done. If you decide to continue, here’s my reasonable pricing.

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I’m a Nice Guy. But That’s Not Why My Clients Love Me.

I’ve worked with more PPC managers than anyone I know. Cisco is one of the few who truly delivers. He saved us thousands of dollars in the first month! I strongly encourage you to try the 30 day trial. You will be amazed at the results.
Scott J. Sagaria, Partner | Sagaria Law
Cisco cut our budget in half by removing a huge amount of waste in our account. His constant efforts and remarkable responsiveness have reduced our cost per lead. We couldn’t be happier with his performance.
George Rodriguez, Principal | Waterstone Defeasance
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Pay Per Click Management Pricing

Affordable PPC Management Pricing.

*total spend is amount paid to Google/Bing.

Pricing *

$500 + 10% of Monthly Total Spend
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Reporting that Makes Sense

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About Me

A Little About Me

I’m a father of two amazing kids and we live just outside of Charlotte, NC. In my career, I’ve been fortunate toCisco Adler Photo serve as vice-president of marketing for a four-year college and a major fitness manufacturer. My first computer was an Atari 800 that my parents gave me for Christmas in 1982.

I’ve been involved in digital marketing, PPC, and conversion rate optimization since the 20th century! I’m extremely passionate about what I do, which is why my client retention year-to-year is over 90%. Day or night, I’m just a phone call away and that includes weekends and holidays. And the great thing about PPC is that everything is on Google and Bing servers. So, if I get hit by the proverbial bus, your account won’t miss a beat.

If you’re ready to reduce waste and increase revenue from PPC advertising, let’s start your free trial. You have nothing to lose. Let me prove it to you.

Cisco Adler | President | Adler Marketing Group

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